Stations of the Cross Companion

This journal is just for that purpose: a prayer book to meditate on the passion and death of Christ. Though we are a resurrection people, we take comfort in reflecting on Christ’s suffering, knowing that he walks with us in our own trials. This journal contains three traditional scripts of the Stations of the Cross, with ample space for writing or inserting your own personal reflections on the Way of the Cross.

This book contains the following sections:

  • Stations
  • Bring Your Own Stations
  • Write Your Own Stations
  • Scriptural Stations
  • Blank Templates

Bulk purchase discounts and customization options are available: if you’d like a copy for everyone in your group, or if you’d like to adjust or add a section to better fit your group’s needs, contact the author for a quote (link below).

Don’t have time to wait for shipping? Want to make copies of specific pages? Printable versions of this book are also available online through the author’s website: for both individual and group use. Use the Peter’s Square link below.

The following templates and layouts are included in this journal:

  • Three Variations of Scripts for the Stations of the Cross
  • Blank pages to insert your favorite version of the Stations, or to draw your own
  • A series of blank spaces to write your own reflections
  • A series of scripture prompts to guide your prayer
  • A blank template to include non-traditional forms of the Stations
  • Space for Prayer Cards or Journaling Notes
  • Pocket

The Reprints Clause: after purchasing a book or printable, you may make unlimited photocopies of these pages for yourself, for personal use, as long as you leave the copyright markings on the bottom of each page. You may also make copies for 1-4 team members. If you’d like to make 5 or more copies or reprints of a product, please purchase a group license through Peter’s Square (link below).

A note on printing printables:

All printables are made to be printed actual size, 100% scale on Letter paper (8.5×11 inches), double-sided, flip on the short edge. If your printer is clipping the edges or cannot print ¼ inch margins, you may “scale to fit” the printables instead of leaving them full-size.

After printing, simply fold them in half down the middle, and use staples, string, or a very stretchy rubber band to bind them together.

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