Event Planner Journal

The Event Planner Journal is just that: a journal to help you plan, prepare, and execute the many details of any event. This journal is great for planning retreats, conferences, workshops, mission trips, and a variety of other events.

From planning and preparation, to taking notes and being prayerfully present, to reflecting on the experience and preparing to re-enter the “everyday life” world, this journal has a little something for every step of the journey.

This book contains the following sections:

  • Planning Pages
  • Sub-Components
  • Finances
  • Supplies
  • Prayer & Reflection
  • Review

Bulk purchase discounts and customization options are available: if you’d like a copy for everyone in your group, or if you’d like to adjust or add a section to better fit your group’s needs, contact the author for a quote: annaschulten.com.

Don’t have time to wait for shipping? Want to make copies of specific pages? Printable versions of this book are also available online through the author’s website: for both individual and group use.

The following templates and layouts are included in this journal:

  • Event Brainstorming
  • Schedule Highlights
  • Travel Plans & Packing List
  • Volunteer Needs & Volunteer Roster
  • Form Builder
  • Meeting Agenda Planner & Meeting Notes
  • Promo Planner
  • Presentation Planner
  • Prayer Service Planner
  • Community Service Planner
  • Game Sheet
  • Liturgy Planner
  • Journal Planner
  • Meal Planner
  • Sub-Projects
  • Budget
  • Cost Calculator
  • Expenses
  • Income
  • Financial Review
  • Printing Party
  • Shopping Lists
  • Pre-Launch & Waiting Lists
  • Packing List & Cleanup List
  • Prayer Countdown
  • Pre-Event Journaling
  • Know Yourself & Know Your Community
  • Virtues & Challenges
  • Addressing Hesitations & the Worry Tree
  • Anticipaing & Preparing for Distractions
  • Post-Project Review & Reflections
  • Journaling in Review
  • Pocket Pages

Free download: Prayer Countdown

A note on printing printables:

All printables are made to be printed actual size, 100% scale on Letter paper (8.5×11 inches), double-sided, flip on the short edge. If your printer is clipping the edges or cannot print ¼ inch margins, you may “scale to fit” the printables instead of leaving them full-size.

After printing, simply fold them in half down the middle, and use staples, string, or a very stretchy rubber band to bind them together.

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